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We are an organisation of Modern Day Warriors who live this statement, a group who want better than the story we've inherited in Cape Town. Through motivating and inspiring projects, we rewrite the current narrative of fear, mediocrity, violence, disempowerment and disconnection to one that empowers, uplifts, connects and guarantees a better future for all. We believe in the greatness of humanity - the inner Warrior inside each one of us - and we're calling you out on it.


You are significant. Your story is significant. And no matter your current story, you DO have the power to change the world. 


Every Capetonian is presented with a question: to carry on with life as usual or to step up to the challenge of building a more dynamic society. When our leaders have failed us, it is we who must rise up like lions and become the heroes we seek. Warrior Youth is an organisation that is ready to take responsibility for our place in society and how we shape it.


We focus on empowering youth, adults and communities at risk by using the concept of 'Alchemy': turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Our various projects span Nature Therapy, yoga and meditation, the greening and transformation of schools and community spaces, and activist movements pushing for change on supermarket shelves and in legislation. The underlying theme is always transformation, of both our mindsets and our environments. We work from the inside out, addressing causes not symptoms. That's what Alchemy is and it's what makes us Warriors.

We are the change we want to see.

We are Warrior Youth.

Matthew Furlonger

Jessica Sjouerman