Through motivating and inspiring projects, we call on Active Citizens to help us rewrite narratives of fear, anxiety and hopelessness for the future to one that empowers, uplifts, connects and guarantees a better tomorrow. We do this by "getting active, not anxious", as the legends at Greenpop love to say. We believe in Active Citizenship and the greatness of humanity - the inner Warrior inside each one of us - and we're calling you out on it.


You are significant. And no matter your current story, you DO have the power to change the world. 


Every Capetonian is presented with a question: to carry on with life as usual or to step up to the challenge of building a more dynamic society and protecting our environment. When our leaders have failed us, it is we who must rise up like lions and become the heroes we seek. 


After many years of feeling overwhelmed by the issues we're faced with today - both locally and globally -  we found that the only solution was to be the solution! From hosting activations for plastic awareness, to planting hundreds of fruit trees in schools across the Cape Flats, to participating in as many beach clean ups as possible, we found a sense of hope and excitement for what we can achieve together.

Our goal is to share this feeling of empowerment and optimism by inspiring and enabling Active Citizenship and the power it holds to transform both our mindsets, communities and our environments.

Matthew Furlonger

Jessica Sjouerman


Youth empowerment & activist organisation