Transformation of school playgrounds, community spaces and youth using the concept of alchemy.  

What if our kids knew that they were more than their environment?


That with enough knowledge and determination, they have the power to rise above any circumstance and shape a life that they are proud of? What if they knew that we are more than our thoughts; that what we choose to focus on, we ultimately become? What kind of life would they create?


Could we empower the 10 000 kids trapped in violent conflict and recruited into Cape Town’s gangs, or those suffering from addiction, depression and suicidal thoughts to use the power they have to shape their minds, lives and communities to become the best they deserve to be and the change-makers we need?

Alchemy: turning the ordinary into the extraordinary


Warrior Youth believes that by empowering our youth with the vital knowledge of Inner Alchemy, we can give them the option to turn away from violence, gangsterism, depression or addiction — to become Modern Day Warriors. Operation Alchemy’s goal is to impart the message that although our environments can and do influence us, we possess the ultimate power to transform our circumstances without falling victim to them. A growing body of research shows the degree to which our environment impacts our mental and physical health and well-being and more specifically, that learning environments play a significant role in student success. With this in mind, Operation Alchemy visits schools and invites students to join us in transforming their learning spaces into something beautiful, inspiring, uplifting and conducive to optimal learning and vitality; breathing life into their environments by converting them into greener, more colorful spaces, which will in turn breathe life into them and inspire change. We will then use this process as a metaphor to communicate the power we have to transform our communities, environments and ourselves.

Thinking creatively about detention strategies


Time cannot be saved, it can only be spent. So what if the valuable time spent in detention could be used to create radical, sustained improvements in behavior, such as increased focus, calmness and self-awareness? The good news is that a wealth of new research into practices that far supersede current disciplinary methods supports this. Instead of hackneyed techniques that fail to produce deeper changes in behavior, we challenge educators to join us at the forefront of current research around mindfulness and its proven benefits in personal development. We invite schools to be pioneers in thinking more creatively about detention strategies and partnering with us in giving our kids the best tools to succeed in everyday life.


Studies also show that as little as 10 minutes of meditation, when done consistently, can significantly reduce stress, increase self-awareness and improve quality of life. As a part of Operation Alchemy, Warrior Youth supports and encourages schools to implement 10 minutes of mindfulness at the beginning and end of each school day.

WHAT Operation Alchemy offers:

  • a presentation that covers:

- what the project is about;

- the importance of our environments and how  they shape behavior;    

- the concept of Alchemy and how it relates to us;

- the power of the mind and how we can use it to our advantage;  

- the danger of fixed mindset and the benefits of growth mindset;

- and the dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins (D.O.S.E.) model and how working with our biochemistry can change our everyday experience.   

  •  encouragement of students to participate in designing their environment by submitting artworks and ideas based on astudent-driven theme or affirmation;

  • a weekend camp at the school in which students and their parents partake in splashing color and life on their learning space, as well as greening the area for maximum benefit;

  • introducing a well-researched, innovative detention slot that uplifts youth; and

  • training teachers to implement 10 minutes of meditation at the beginning and end of the school day.


As Sadhguru says: “It’s not about becoming superhuman. It’s about realizing that being human is super.”

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