The best time to plant a tree was 20 years agO.

The second best time is now. 

During Arbor Month, we partnered with Top Fruit and The Sprightly Seed to plant 500 pear trees in five under-served schools around the Cape Flats. Take a look at how it went down! 

If you're passionate about planting, unafraid of a little dirty work or want to join in on the efforts to make sure no kid in South Africa goes hungry, join us in overgrowing the system this coming Arbor Month in September 2020.

Food For Thought


  • We live in a country where an estimated 14 million do not have adequate access to food, and a whopping 50% are affected by or are at risk of food insecurity.

  • Experts argue for more sustainable feeding models based on community food projects as opposed to hand-outs as a more effective way of tackling child poverty and child hunger.

  • Violence is on the rise in Cape Town, which has earned itself the status of South Africa’s murder capital and ranks in the top 20 most violent cities in the world. Government efforts have so far not been enough to address this issue. More community-based efforts are needed if we wish to see these issues come to an end.

  • A 2018 study in Philadelphia turned vacant lots into a community resource that reduced crime, improved well-being and created opportunities for growth and employment for many residents. They found that cleaning and greening interventions in the city reduced violence by up to 30%; reduced people’s fear of going outside due to safety concerns by as much as 58% and increased people’s use of outside space by 76%.

  • The University of Cape Town’s African Food Security Unit has disproven the myth that hunger is an exclusively rural problem, with the food crisis in cities being more serious than imagined. Furthermore, urbanization has increased the dependence on buying food as opposed to rural subsistence farming. With the market controlling the prices of essential goods, access to optimal nutrition has deteriorated. In turn, relying on cheap foods with poor nutritional value is linked to chronic illness, obesity and disease. This further reduces life expectancy and economic productivity for millions and is linked to crime, social disorder and poverty.

What’s our response to this? To OVERGROW THE SYSTEM and turn Cape Town into a giant urban food forest!


By inviting you to join us in planting 10 000 fruit and nut trees, we hope to create access to freely available nutrition; clean and green spaces, which are proven to decrease violence and increase a sense of calm and well-being; give communities a beautiful space to be proud of; improve the quality of Cape Town’s air and combat the rising effects of climate change.

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