Into The Wild



Epic Rites Of Passage and Wilderness Therapy Adventures designed to educate, empower and Awaken The Warrior in Cape Town's youth. The program's focus is rehabilitation, growth, development, and enhancement of at-risk youth, social and psychological well-being through the application of structured activities involving direct experience. These adventures will take place in beautiful, unspoiled and remote parts of the Western Cape. 

Those who feel a strong resonance with the program will be invited to become mentors for other young, up-coming Warriors and eventually trained to become  facilitators. Additionally, Warrior Youth intends on starting a fund investing in the futures of young, underprivileged adults by offering those interested in nature conservation and the natural sciences bursaries to further their education. 


Operation Alchemy 


Awakening and setting alight the hearts and minds of school kids and restoring their wonder for Life whilst adding a little colour and greenery to their playgrounds.




An African Epic 



Travelling new distances and conquering great heights! 


All Tribe Members will be embarking on an epic cycling trip up the continent, stopping off at schools, colleges and universities along the way, motivating students to live inspired and awaken the Warrior within. The journey will take them via the Earth Fest taking place in Zambia where the Tribe will plant at least 100 trees before making their way to (and up!!) one of Africa's great jewels, Kilimanjaro. 


If you're passionate about Life, people and this beautiful planet of ours and your heart craving ultimate adventure, grab a bicycle and ride with us! Fortune favours the brave!



Food Garden 


Food for thought!


As soon as the Tribe returns to the Mother City from their African Epic, it's time to start feeding some minds, hearts, souls and tummies! They will create a food garden, abundant with organic goodness. This will kickstart a food education project and the planting of many more gardens, inviting kids from all schools to visit and learn the importance of sustainably producing your own food and leading healthy lifestyles. This will be in the attempt to tackle some of the food security and malnutrition issues experienced by too many of South Africa's youth.


Come get your hands dirty with us whilst we overgrow the system with the purpose of creating something more sustainable and more supportive for all! Afterall, "The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings."


If you have a plot or know of a plot somewhere within the city of Cape Town that is begging to be turned into something beautiful and productive, or if you would like to partner up with us, we would dig to hear from you!




An Upcycled Forest



Reforestation with a bit of a twist!


A fun, eco-educational project involving the participation of several schools and hundreds of kids combined with various area clean-ups. Its focus is the importance of the "3 R's" of consumption and it will highlight the dangers of plastic and its effect on our environment e.g. the big plastic islands (gyres) found in the oceans and animals that suffer as a result of them.


This project will go beyond the usual message of recycling and is sure to leave a lasting and inspiring impression on all people involved. We hate to have to wait to get this started as it is something bound to get the whole city excited and possibly participating. Here, we blend creativity with sustainability and it's fun! This is all we can reveal for now...


Do you have a mission you would love to see become a reality but have never found the time or team to see it through? Share it with us so we can join in arms and take the necessary steps to create something great!


"No dream is too big and no dreamer too small."

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