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Plastic is so pervasive in most supermarkets it’s almost invisible, yet most of it is as necessary as a fur jacket is to a cat. Given all the information about the environmental devastation plastic causes (consider for a second that there are 5 garbage patches in our ocean and one of them is the size of South Africa!) and the repercussions micro plastics have on our health, we simply feel it’s gotten way out of hand.


We’ve been inspired by the model used by many activist groups overseas to encourage supermarkets to rethink their current packaging strategies by ditching excess plastic and other unnecessary packaging at the checkout till and politely letting management know about our discontent.


Several local supermarkets have promised to do away with plastic carrier bags, or use only recyclable or reusable packaging by 2022. Big ups to them for hearing us – but it’s simply not enough. With the plastic industry growing each year and more waste ending in land fills, garbage patches and our environment, affecting millions of creatures, we just cannot recycle our way out of this crisis. Instead, we must force our grocers to get creative and #kicktheplastichabit altogether.


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